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Our ONLINE management program


This program is designed to help to fill the gap between your previous studies and your business Master. A pre-MBA offers this knowledge in advance and helps you jump to the core of your MBA studies, without getting overwhelmed and ensures that you hit the ground running.

Our part-time program is suitable for every management career aspirant


This program helps to gather the skills required to accomplish the responsibilities at more senior role in an organisation. 

This part-time program is suitable for individuals who are busy delivering their current duties but still don't want to stop growing professionally.


This program provides you work experience to work in hard core management roles Our Online Management Program, helps to develop common competencies required to accomplish any managerial role effectively.

This part-time program is suitable for individuals who are looking for IT & Management industry experience.


This program helps to gather the skills required to accomplish the Business Analyst role to help you learn how to identify problems and opportunities within a company and ultimately provide solutions that help achieve the business' goals.

This full time and part time program is Suitable for IT/ Management students 


This program supports your venture journey by providing step by step guidance and mentoring and thus  to build and launch new business ideas. 

Our online management programs

Why join cloud counselage


Over programs focus on the best practices of industry, thereby helping to inculcate the values and skills relevant for the employers


You directly learn from the industry experts with decades of experience of working in multiple countries and diverse industries


Our programs are bundled with internships that provide you real world experience to implement your learning

Real world projects help to understand the nitty-gritties of a concept. High performing candidates can also get to work on client projects


You can work as per you convenience while fulfilling  your other responsibilities, thereby utilizing your time to the fullest

Our programs focus only on the relevant topics to make the most of your time and thus cover the topics in a small duration 

What our interns have worked on

OUR Projects

Market Research

Market research is the key to any new product development as it helps the organisation listen hear the customers voice and know about its competitors. Since we are constantly working on developing new products for ourselves and our client, there are quite a lot of opportunities that our intern get.

Sales & Marketing

Our interns get extensive experience of sales and marketing in both B2C and B2B sales. We involve them right from strategising phase so that they get the complete understanding of the end-to-end process.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the new wave and everyone has to sail through it. Our interns get to work on all the aspects of Digital Marketing (DM) right from developing a DM strategy, planning and designing campaigns, developing metric and analysing the ROI, social media audits, and much more

human resource mgmt.

Human resource (HR) is the integral part of any organisation and task of managing them shouldn't be underestimated. Our interns get to work on all the functions of HR right from resource planning to onboarding and further talent Management, thus providing a 360 degree exposure.

IT Systems

As we help organisations leverage technology to develop their systems for their business continuity, improved and efficient operations, our interns get ample opportunities to develop and implement new systems on cloud based on the latest technologies.

Project management

In organisation, we emphasise on extensive planning and thus helping achieve things 'Right, First Time'. The project life cycle is diligently followed in Cloud Counselage and our interns get to manage project which is based on a robust project management methodology, including planning, feasibility/ designing, developing, governance, etc.


95% of the organisation's success is dependent on how the strategy and planning is implemented. For achieving the objectives, the process need to be efficient and should bring about consistency. Our interns help us develop policies, Standard operating procedures based on processes like ITIL, philosophies like Agile, etc. for the delivery of our services

Project finance

Whether the Projects are internal or external, they affect the bottom line of the company. Hence the organisation need to be vary about them, right from the decision of starting a project. Our interns get to work on business cases, project appraisals, project accounting, etc.

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