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Frequently asked question (FAQ) of POCP by Cloud Counsleage Pvt. Ltd.

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What are the eligibility criteria for this Professional Online Career Program?

POCP is designed for students, freshers and young professionals with some technical background and basic knowledge of IT or Computers skills. (Diploma/ B. Sc./ M. Sc./ B.C.A./ M.C.A./ B.E. / M.E./ B. Tech./ M. Tech.) or equivalent courses from non-IT and want to start or enhance their career in the IT industry. An exception can be made for self-motivated students with a drop year and will be eligible for POCP with Job Guarantee after their graduation, if eligible. They will have to do the internship during the drop year only after they clear their KTs and go through the job-related processes of POCP after their graduation. All candidates must clearly mention their desired technology in the declaration form and about their knowledge and skills. Also, candidates have to give an 'Entrance Interview' to be finalised for POCP to be offered to them. Other T&C: Job Guarantee will be based on the said interview with Cloud Counselage which will happen before enrollment.

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The admission process consists of three simple steps:
Step 1: All interested POCP candidates are requested to fill the online application form. You can do so by clicking the Register Now button below.
Step 2: All applicants will go through an 'Entrance Interview' process based on which their final selection in POCP will be decided.
Step 3: An appointment email will be sent to the selected candidates and is accepted by the candidates by paying the program fee.

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What should I expect from this program?

Professional Online Career Program (POCP) is designed to cater to the needs of students, freshers and young professionals to upgrade their skills while gaining an experience in the IT industry. To achieve this, Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. has devised a comprehensive career program that is designed to make you a professional in any one of the sixteen (16) technologies that we have to offer. The list of technologies in POCP is; Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, Java, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, RPA, Blockchain, Big Data, DevOps, QMS/Testing and Information Security, Mobility. Minimum 3 months Job Guarantee for eligible interns/ trainees after internship/ trainee period. Internship/ trainee duration 6 + 3 months (Full Time) and 12/ 24/ 36/ 48 + 3 months (Part-time) where comprehensive Job Assistance for three (3) months will be provided.
The major highlights of POCP by Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. are, Minimum 3 months Job Guarantee after the internship/ trainee period for eligible interns, Internship duration 6 + 3 months (Full Time) and 12/ 24/ 36/ 48 + 3 months (Part-time), Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) training on the latest technology chosen with its certification, Live Projects (During Internship), Client Projects for high performing interns, Letter of Recommendation (LoR) for your application process in colleges/ Universities/ companies, Developing corporate & virtual teaming skills, Work from anywhere (Online), Flexibility of work time, Technology-based career guidance, Job Assistance, Job Experience Certificate (From the day of joining) for minimum of 6 months and maximum 4.5 years, CV Building, Pre-placement Interviews, and No entrance test. 

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What is the schedule of this program?

As part of POCP you will be going Internship duration 6 + 3 months (Full Time) and 12/ 24/ 36/ 48 + 3 months (Part-time) in which you will be going through training, live/ client projects and a three (3) months of job assistance, a schedule specific to you will be given to you within the first week of your program. Minimum 3 months Job Guarantee after the internship period, for the eligible students.

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Can i do POCP part-time?

Yes, for working professionals, we have provided an option to complete the POCP part-time. You would be required to work from 30 mins/ 1/ 2/ 4/ 8 hours a day depending on your selected duration of 48/ 36/ 24/ 12/ 6 months respectively, of your program.

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What certifications will I receive?

In total you will receive three (3) certificates; 

a) Technology training certificate duly accredited by Edureka and Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd.
b) Technology professional certificate.
c) Experience certificate for the duration you have spent with Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd.

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Will my program duration spend in training count as experience?

Yes, it will be considered as experience as you'll be working on assignments related to your training.

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Will any hard copies/ paper books be provided to in this program?

As the name of the program suggests, it is a completely 'online' program and doesn't require any hard copies/ paper books to be provided. 

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Will I get mentorship during training?

Yes, you will get mentorship during your training by Edureka instructors. 

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Will I get mentorship during Live project?

No, any hand-holding in the Live Project will not be provided as they are supposed to be an experience for real-life industry experience.

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Can I only do the training?

It is not recommended that you only do training in POCP as it's only one of many features of POCP. Even then, if you've only completed the training in POCP, we shall provide you with a training certificate only.

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Will i get experience letter/ certificate if i complete the training but do not complete the live project?

No, successfully completing the live project and the duration of POCP is a must to attain the experience letter/ certificate.

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Can I only do Live projects?

We do understand that you would be highly skilled in your technical skills and would like to directly want to work in live projects but in any project in IT industry, it not just the technical skills that are required to deliver the project and many other training and skills such as knowing the ITIL/ six-sigma standards, project management skills, etc. would be required as part of our mandatory training and you cannot start working on live projects without these pieces of training.

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How is the training provided?

Self-paced and live high-end online training on the latest technologies on 1 technology training certification. The training will be provided by our training partner (Edureka) and the certification will be a dual accreditation by Edureka and Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. 

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What is the Job Guarantee in this program?

For all the eligible interns Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. offers a minimum of three (3) months of job assistance if they're not able to get a job anywhere else the eligible interns get a Job Guarantee with us.

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In the Job Guarantee Duration will i get a designation like software engineer, cloud engineer, data analyst, etc.?

Yes, when you're in the Job Guarantee phase, your designation will change from an 'intern/ trainee' to the designation of your current work, like, Software Engineer,  Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, etc.

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What are the eligibility criteria for job guarantee?

Job Guarantee will be based on the 'Entrance Interview' with Cloud Counselage which will happen before enrollment. Please do read the other T&C and policies mentioned at the bottom of this page.

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Can my job guarantee be cancelled while i'm in the program?

The job guarantee is one of the major features of POCP and can be canceled if is undisciplined and has caused prejudice to Cloud Counselage or any of our associates. Any unheeding to our company policies can lead to strict disciplinary actions, which include but are not limited to canceling an interns job guarantee.

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If i get a job in a company other than cloud counselage, will i get some money back?

The job guarantee is one of the major features of POCP and cannot be separated from the package and hence no money back can be provided if you don't use the job guarantee feature of POCP.

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Is there any discount for this program?

You can avail a discount of 20% if you do opt out of Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) training and 40% discount if you opt out of the 'Job Guarantee' offering. Please note that the duration of the program stays the same, except the 'Job Guarantee' phase, even if the discount is applied.

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What is the duration of this program?

Internship duration, in general, is 6 + 3 months (Full Time) and 12/ 24/ 36/ 48 + 3 months (Part-time) as an intern and after this period you can work with Cloud Counselage as a full-time employee (for at least 3 months) or by being hired by Cloud Counselage (further duration will be based on your new contract). Activities specific to you and your technology will be shared with you in the first week of the program. You will get an experience letter for the complete duration of you're with Cloud Counselage.

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What if i get a job during this program?

If you get a job while you are in POCP, you can convert the rest of your program part-time. Please talk to your Manager to give the best timings suitable for you. Your job guarantee still persists if you continue as a part-time intern.

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What is the average salary for POCP candidates? And how high can my salary go?

The average salary of a Software Engineer is Rs. 300000/- to Rs. 400000/- lac. CTC. With the POCP job guarantee, you will get a minimum in-hand of Rs. 180000/- Lac and the maximum can be in seven (7) digits in INR.

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I am not able to access the online program. Who can help me?

Please write a mail to for assistance or you can call on our helpline number: +91 9205443433

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If I want to cancel my enrollment, can I get a refund?

Once the partial/ full fees for the program are paid, you cannot get a refund.

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What are the fees for this program?

There is a one time fee of POCP which is Rs. 1,13,900/- + GST. For more information on fees, please visit our payments page;

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Is there any option to pay the fees in installments?

Yes, you can convert the payment of the fee into a 3/ 6/ 9 months payment using the credit card of leading Indian banks. For more details, please check the payments page of POCP.

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Is there a Referral benefits for this program?

Yes, there is a benefit you can earn only if you're a current intern/ employee with Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. you can click on register now to know more.

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Can i change the duration before/ during/ after?

Yes, we offer a flexibility so that you can change the duration of your program twice. For ex. if your change your plan from procuring a Job after your graduation to going for higher studies or vice-versa, you can avail this feature. 

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