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In the era of Cloud, there has emerged a great need for Cloud Counseling, starting from the very basics. There is a large intellectual population out there which is still unaware of the Cloud phenomenon. The universities, colleges are still to be enlightened with Cloud technologies and their immense benefits and necessities. People at large have only heard of the terms or terminologies regarding cloud, but have still not understood the very connotations around it. We have taken up a mission to create a big workforce in the form of our Interns around Cloud and IT in general, for them to get jobs very easily in the IT industry. This also helps us to bridge the current gap between the demand and supply of the professionals in the industry. 

Importance of Cloud Technology

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Due to the current scenario and our mission to create cloud intellectuals, we present the seminar in association with the esteemed institutes to provide an overview of Cloud computing and Cloud Careers. Through our Seminars, our experts introduce you to the Cloud Phenomenon by giving you an overview of the basic concept of Cloud technologies, along with its scope and benefits.  They help you adopt the most appropriate technology for your use.

The seminar covers topics like 'What is Cloud Computing', 'Common terminologies within cloud computing', 'Services models', 'Deployment Models', 'Cloud Architecture'
and 'Pro & cons' of Cloud Computing

Our Workshops dive deep into the leading Cloud vendor technologies to give you the insights

Get to know about the most popular career available in the IT industry.



Major part of this Internship program would be a basic to intermediate training into Cloud & Virtualization to create awareness about these IT technologies. Interns will get a Certificate upon successful completion of this Internship programme. This Certificate/Experience can get you an edge over others and get a launchpad for their respective job hunts into the IT domain. This Internship Program is in good faith and is for general good of all Students, Freshers/Graduates and Professionals who would be interested.


ONLINE career services

Career guidance, mentoring and job assistance program to handhold students/ graduates/ young professionals in making their IT/ Management career into the IT industry, leveraging the immense power of Cloud which is soon to become the backbone of whole of IT. Through this program you get exposure to all the aspects within IT industry like latest IT technologies, networking, ITIL framework, Project management, IT sales and marketing, etc., thereby making you a complete professional.  In this program you get trained with guidance from industry experts, thereafter get to work on the live projects and upon completion we help you get jobs with our partner companies, providing you and end-to-end support for your carriers.

A fully Online & Flexible program for IT/ Management students/ freshers/ professional who aspire for winning careers into IT industry.

our program


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Our program helps you to start your own business and provides end-to-end support to grow your business. You get guidance from the industry experts, who have been there, done that and know the nitty gritties of the business world, thereby ensuring that your business is a success. 

If you don't have a concrete business idea, don't worry about that, we help you to come up with business model that helps you build your own business and become an entrepreneur and earn handsome amounts in no time. 

A fully Online & Flexible program for individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs and live the lifestyle they want