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Cloud becomes the Backbone of whole of IT

Today, when the new technologies are rebooting the companies and digitally transforming them, we believe Cloud technology is the backbone of the whole IT. Studies suggest that by 2020 almost 75% all workloads /applications of world companies would run on Cloud and all the computer networks, servers, their security and the IT/ software applications developed in languages/ frameworks like Java, PHP, Python, etc. or be it based on latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Robotics, etc. are going to be 'Cloud native'. Meaning, all these IT applications would be developed, hosted or migrated to/on the Cloud directly and their development, operations and security activities would also take place on the cloud directly.

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Consulting & ADVISORY

We help organisation to formulate their strategies vis-a-vis technology and business management. We help our clients realize the immense perpetual benefits that Cloud technology brings to the table. Analysing their current infrastructure and their growth plans, we empower them with a perfect technological and business strategy to go ahead, build, grow and sustain their business. We also offer them a window into the cutting edge Cloud products & services to sustain in today’s competitive world where the system and hence the application downtimes can be absolutely fatal for the ‘Business’. 


Our consulting services are absolutely free! We study your requirements and help you build your business, right from scratch. Right from choosing your domain name, IT infrastructure to managing your employees, projects and sales


We work with our client as a partner, considering their business as our own and ensure that they get the maximum benefits at the lowest cost possible. Being a start-up ourselves we understand what it is to be a bootstrapped.

Our services

Career Counseling

As Cloud becomes the basis/backbone of whole of IT,  'Cloud' phenomenon should be properly introduced and infused right down to the level of universities and colleges. This we believe can further propagate the ‘Idea of Cloud’ far and wide to create perpetual value by creating a generation of Cloud Intellectuals. In the process we believe we would be able to create more value around Cloud. Also, careers can be made and consequently have more human resources in the ‘Cloud’ industry, which is starved of it. 

Cloud Computing would be a very good-to-have skill on your CV. It help and give you an edge in your job hunts when you hit the IT job market. There is a great demand of Cloud/IT professionals (be it in Technical or into Management roles) but there is a very low supply. Thus, we at Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. have taken up a mission to create a big workforce in the form of our Interns around Cloud and IT in general, for them to get jobs very easily in the IT industry.

Through our programs we help individuals to get the knowledge of the fundamentals of cloud computing and how to use software applications (Java, PHP, Python, Machine Learning, etc.) on the Cloud directly. We also connect them with industry experts.