The company is looking for a Strategy and Research Intern. The ideal candidate for the company would be an individual who possesses a unique blend of analytical and creative mindset, enjoys deep dive in obscure topics and have the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The role requires a strategic mindset to thrives under tight deadlines and maintains a level, positive attitude.


  • Understand and shape the company’s strategy and mission
  • Assist to develop plans to materialize strategy and analyze business proposals
  • Research competition/ firms in the industry to identify threats and opportunities
  • Assess the company’s operational and strategic performance
  • Align processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy
  • Provide support and insight into significant organizational changes
  • Educate team leads & members in making effective decisions
  • Construct forecasts and analytical models
  • Monitor and analyze industry trends and market changes
  • Demonstrate the ability to quickly consume large amounts of data and research to synthesize into summaries and actionable insights for internal teams
  • Perform all data research and perform analysis and assist in research process and perform qualitative and quantitative research from conceptualization to implementation
  • Coordinate with various teams to design and recommend efficient strategies to provide support to all processes and perform research, prepare presentations to design new business processes and interpret all primary and secondary data
  • Assist to plan and perform various studies according to regulations and prepare all research reports for all clients and internal members according to required formats and ensure compliance to all timeframe and budget.
  • Facilitate all exchange of ideas for all research activities and analyze all data and manage all communication with management to prepare accurate reports and presentations.
  • Design all research protocols with help of appropriate questionnaires and data capture activities and recommend improvement to all work flows and assist to prepare all complex statistical data models for data mining. 


  • Understanding of business research and data analysis
  • Knowledge of business operations and procedures
  • Demonstrable strategic thinking abilities 
  • Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude.
  • Ability to comprehend and interpret competitor strategies.
  • Organizational and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Strong work acumen
  • Detail-oriented
  • Diligent and proactive
  • Respectful of deadlines
  • Strong ethical and moral standards
  • Ability to gather large amounts of data and convert it into meaningful analysis.  


  • Certificate/Diploma/ Graduate/Post Graduate in Business Management
  • Proficient in Microsoft office application
  • Have Relevant Skills and Interest 

Location: Remote 

Career Benefits/Perks: 

  • Mentorship from Industry experts 
  • Career guidance for you 
  • Exposure to different software and applications 
  • Opportunity to learn new tools 
  • Opportunity to represent Cloud Counselage at various industry and business events which are led by the industry CxOs, Union Ministry and State Ministry Members Career guidance for you 
  • Discounts offer from Cloud Counselage on programs, products and partner products 
  • Internship Certificate