The company is looking for a Student Ambassadors who enjoys meeting new people, encourages others to get involved, and is happy to help answer any questions someone may have with respect to Cloud Counselage and our programs. They are always eager to help out; ensuring newly enrolled candidates to settle in and make the most out of their internships. 

 Career Benefits :

  • A great leadership opportunity 
  • Paid position (Incentives) Build public relations/customer service skills 
  • Great resume builder 
  • Help others make important career decisions 
  • Meet college students from other programs Prestige (the Company senior management supports the Ambassadors). 
  • Your name gets listed on our website on the student ambassador page 
  • Opportunity for a letter of recommendation for Student Success from the Director 
  • Opportunity to represent Cloud Counselage at various industry and business events which are lead by the industry CXOs, Union Ministry and State Ministry members Career guidance for you. 
  • Discounts offer from Cloud Counselage on programs, products and partner products. 
 Responsibilities :

  • Understand Cloud Counselage Career Programs
  • Engage with fellow students to explain them the program and help them make a better career decision
  • Follow the company standard operating procedures and maintain quality of work
  • Weekly Reporting 
  • Support in organising, hosting and promoting Cloud Counselage events
  • Share Cloud Counselage posts on Social Media Platforms
  • Represent Cloud Counselage at Industry events, Business events, etc. 
 Mandatory Requirements:

  • Currently Pursuing his Under Graduate or Post Graduate Degree (Graduates/ Freshers  and Working Professionals are not  allowed)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Respectful of others
  • Willingness to share ideas
  • Honest, considerate and patient
  • Reliable and observant of when others need support
  • Confident talking in front of large groups and one-to-one situations
  • Energetic and enthusiastic with a drive to want to succeed
  • Willingness to learn and go above and beyond
  • A pro-active attitude
  • Team working and organisational skills
  • An understanding of and empathy with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds • Well presented. 
 Desired Requirements (preferable):

  • Experience of being a student ambassador/ partner and/or working in student associations
 Eligibility Criteria :

  • From IT or Computer Science branch or other branch students with an understanding of IT. 
  • Commitment of at least 6 months. 
  • Willingness to achieve more than 3 targets per month